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• Our Genetic test results are scientifically valid
• All saliva samples are processed in NABL accredited Labs
• Our kit is manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice regulations
• Genotyping is a well-established and reliable platform for analyzing DNA
• Our team of scientists and medical experts uses a robust process to develop reports to ensure validity

How your DNA becomes a report.

Human DNA is about 99.5% identical from person to person. However, there are small differences that make each person unique. These differences are called variants.

Your DNA was passed down from your parents—and their parents and so on. Variants can be linked to certain health conditions and traits

Your saliva contains DNA from cells in your mouth. We send you a saliva collection kit and instructions for providing your sample.

Our NABL accredited labs extracts DNA from cells in your saliva sample. Then the lab processes the DNA on a genotyping chip that reads variants in your genome.

Your genetic data is analyzed, and we generate your personalized reports based on well-established scientific and medical research.

Why genetics is only part of the story.

When it comes to your health and traits, DNA is only part of the story. Other variables come into play, including non-genetic factors, such as your environment and lifestyle.

Our process at work.


To ensure quality, your DNA analysis is performed in Indian laboratories that are accedited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) .

A NABL-accredited lab must meet certain quality standards, including qualifications for individuals who perform the test and other standards that ensure the accuracy and reliability of results.

The analysis we perform is called genotyping. Our genotyping looks at hundreds of specific locations on your DNA. These locations are known to vary between individuals, and some are associated with certain conditions and traits.
We use leading technology to genotype your DNA.

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A variant is a difference in the DNA sequence between two individuals. Variants can cause specific diseases, contribute to diseases or traits (along with the environment), or have no effect. Variants can be passed down from parent to child.

The analysis we perform is called genotyping. Genotyping looks at specific locations in your DNA and identifies variations. These variations make you unique.

In choosing these specific locations, we focus on the variations that are known to be associated with important health conditions, nutrition conditions  and traits. Genotyping is a great way to start understanding how your genetics can impact your life.

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